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The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, Thirty-Fourth Edition

Now in its 34th edition, The Manual delivers the information you need now, in a time-saving, quick-reference style. Easily accessible, and comprehensive, the Manual has been thoroughly updated to deliver a concise, balanced discussion of pathophysiology, giving the reader an evidence-based presentation of current therapies in an engaging, but practical format and making it the favorite on-call reference for house staff, medical students, faculty, and other health care professionals.

Take a look at…

  • streamlined formula that helps you keep pace with the latest advances in the field.
  • An enhanced table of contents allows for quick reference.
  • A new chapter on toxicology prepares you to respond effectively to any poisoning, overdose or exposure emergency.
  • Decision support algorithms simplify clinical support to a functional concept.
  • Now with digital access from your iPad or iPhone—powered by Inkling technology.
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The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, Thirty-Fourth Edition

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About the Editors

Hemant Godara, MD

I was born and raised in India. I completed my undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering in Textiles from Technological Institute of Textile and Sciences in India. In order to further my career, I came to the US for a Master of Science in Textile Chemistry at North Carolina State University, Raleigh NC. I also received a Master in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Management Information Systems from The University of Arizona, Tucson AZ. After moving back to NC, I reconnected to my real passion of taking care of people in need and was fortunate enough to be accepted to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine. I came to St Louis, MO after matching into the Internal Medicine program at Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes-Jewish Hospital. Currently, I am enjoying my time as a Chief Resident, and next year I will start my training in Cardiovascular Disease at The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

Angela Hirbe, MD, PhD

I was born and raised in St Louis, MO and became interested in oncology research at a young age. I spent a summer in high school doing research with a Dr. David Gutmann at Washington University School of Medicine and decided to undertake my undergraduate training at Washington University in St Louis. I was fortunate enough to be accepted to the M.D. Ph.D. program at Washington University School of Medicine where I worked on understanding mechanisms of bone metastasis with Dr. Katherine Weilbaecher. I stayed on at Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes Jewish Hospital for my internal medicine residency through the Physician Scientist Training Program and completed two years of internal medicine training and one year of a Hematology/Oncology fellowship prior to serving as Chief Resident. Next year, I will return to fellowship with the intent to specialize in sarcoma and will return to the laboratory of Dr. David Gutmann to focus on molecular mechanisms of metastasis in sarcoma models.

Michael Nassif, MD

I was born and raised in Ames, Iowa. As the son of a physician, medicine piqued my interest at an early age. I completed my undergraduate studies in Biology at Marist College in Poughkeepsie, NY, and went on to complete medical school at the University of Iowa. I then completed my internship, residency and chief residency in Internal Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes Jewish Hospital. Next year, I will begin Cardiology fellowship at Washington University with the intent to specialize in advanced heart failure and cardiac transplant.

Hannah Otepka, MD

I was born and raised in Evansville, Indiana before heading to St. Louis University for undergrad and Creighton University for medical school. I came to Washington University in St. Louis for internal medicine residency where I had remarkable training. I have been very active in the Global Health Scholars in Internal Medicine here at Washington University, and I plan to head to University of Pittsburgh Medical Center next year to start a pulmonary/critical care fellowship.

Aron Rosenstock, MD

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and always had interest in Medicine. I went to Washington University where I received a degree in Biology and Psychology. I spent a year doing cancer research at the NIH and then went to Tufts Medical School for Residency. I then decided to go back to STL where I completed my internship, residency and chief residency in Internal Medicine at Washington University School of Medicine/Barnes Jewish Hospital. I will be starting my Hematology/Oncology fellowship next year at MD Anderson in Houston where I have a particular interesting in caring for Cancer patients and clinical research.

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The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics, Thirty-Fourth Edition

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    July 2013
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Established for over 65 years as the must-have quick medical reference guide on the medical ward, The Washington Manual of Medical Therapeutics is now in its 34th edition and builds upon that proud tradition—with even more of the current medical diagnosis and treatment information you need, delivered in a time-saving, quick-reference style. Portable, accessible, and comprehensive, The Washington Manual delivers a concise discussion of clinical pathophysiology of disease, presentation of current evidence-based therapies, and a practical format, making it a favorite on-call reference for house staff, medical students, internal medicine residents, faculty, and other health care professionals around the world.

Traditionally available as a printed book, the Manual now comes with a completely revamped digital experience, powered by Inkling. Viewable through a browser or as a download to your tablet or smartphone, the digital version includes:

  • The complete text with optimized navigation
  • Powerful, index-based searches that provides results quickly
  • Ability to share notes with friends and colleagues
  • Ability to save your favorite content for future quick reference
  • Ability to highlight text for easier reference of key content
  • References and pages linked throughout for instant access
  • Integrated updates that give the most up-to-date information at your fingertips

Whether you are on the medical wards, studying a case, or in a consultation, you have access to the content you need.


Inside this edition you’ll find...

  • New streamlined format that helps you keep pace with the latest advances in the field while removing redundancies and outdated information
  • Enhanced table of contents for quicker reference
  • New chapter on clinical toxicology prepares you to respond effectively to any poisoning, overdose, or exposure emergency
  • Decision support algorithms for quick reference
  • Included with the purchase of your book is the interactive electronic eBook, powered by Inkling, which allows you to search across the entire text, highlight and take notes within the book, and more

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Review of Previous Edition

The Washington Manual of Therapeutics 33rd Edition

There are plenty of medical textbooks around and for good measure, there are plenty of medical websites around as well. So there is no shortage of reference sources for busy doctors, if they need to look up medical information or want to quickly answer a clinical query. This book is now in its 33rd edition and has been established for over 65 years and so should have something to offer a busy medical practitioner. It is certainly fact packed and runs to over 1000 pages but despite that is only marginally bigger than a paperback novel. It can be useful to have on a desk in easy reach during a consultation. It is essentially a very good and trustworthy textbook of clinical medicine, with contributors from a number of specialties.

It is clearly written and although the title says therapeutics, it is an excellent and concise source of clinical information. Despite its American origins, it is highly relevant to UK practice, though there are a number of competitors. The book is mainly text based but the information is delivered in nice and easy digestible small chunks. Good use is made of bullet points and breaking the text up into small sections making this book more accessible and readable.

This makes it is very good, rapid access reference source covering a wide range of medical specialties and issues. I would imagine this would be useful to have in a ward, as well as an outpatient clinic or primary care facility. However, for specific prescribing as far as this country is concerned it is wise to always consult with an established publication like the BNF. I enjoyed reading specific subsections of the book and perhaps it is a sign of the times it has an interesting subsection on emerging infections and bioterrorism.

Despite the extensive breadth of coverage, only important and clinically relevant information is included making this a practical offering for a front line clinician. It represents good value for money and for those that are interested; there is the facility to access the contents of this book in a handheld device. Despite its American origins, I think this book has something to offer a UK audience and deserves consideration, if you are looking for a good value but portable textbook of medicine.

Dr. Harry Brown
April 2011

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Customer Insight


Student Usage:

Students report using Washington Manual to:

  • Have information directly at their fingertips while on an Internal Medicine or Family Medicine rotation
  • Access information about meds AND dosing during rounds (calculator usage)
  • Prepare for being “pimped”
  • Prepare for seeing a patient who has a condition with which the student is not experienced or when “working outside my area”
  • Get quick information or background at the hospital when time is limited and detail is not required
  • Get ideas to put in a write up, e.g. differential diagnoses
  • Address questions asked during admissions

Top of mind word associations:

Internal medicine
Pocket reference
Good, useful, helpful
Information I need
Quick, easy-to-use
Known, trusted resource

Resident Usage:

The Washington Manual is found in several residents’ call rooms, where they can pick it up for information searches.

“Perfect after rounds or on call nights when you are not actively working as a team but have the time to sit and think about a problem and look a bit at the pathophysiology and treatments.”

It is very helpful and useful. You have all the medical information that you need chronologically and organized the way you need it when you are practicing and on call...It gives you easy access, it's not very detailed and the bottom line is--it can help make a diagnosis and treatment without getting lost in the details.”


Helpful, useful
Easy access (in lab coat)

Faculty Usage:

It is concise and easy to read, and provides quick, detailed, usable information.”

“I actually started to use it as a student and have used it ever since.

Therapeutic reference
House staff
Looking at symptoms

Director Usage

“It is how I learned practical medicine. Also quoted was I have a similar love of The Washington Manual having used it extensively to write orders and to find references”. Both recommend it highly to their residents.

The standard
Concise, quick
Go-to reference
Gives you...what you need

Residents at Roosevelt Hospital in Guatemala using Washington Manual


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